Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fruit on the Tree: Agent Provocateurs?

It has been a year since this blog came out accusing the Uncle Sam's Misguided Children group of being part of a psychological operation designed to flush out militia groups with ties to the White House.

Was I wrong? Let's take a look at some recent events....

The media has recently tied the Las Vegas Cop Killer to the Bundy Ranch event. But there is yet one more connection-- that is the connection to the Uncle Sam's Misguided Children group.

Bundy Ranch

Did you folks think that the stand-off at the Bundy Ranch ended rather abruptly? It was almost like a movie set, where they got their footage, and shut down. Except it wasn't a movie... it was news. Right?

Or maybe it was a baiting operation? When you are hunting bear, you set up a bait station, and a tree stand. The bait was the seige on the Bundys. The tree stand was the media. The persecution the Bundy's faced was probably real, but it did end rather mysteriously, did it not?

They sure did get a list of those prone to be active in a call to arms.  The operation kind of backfired on the government, because those who showed up were disciplined and controlled. The militia became the hero, not the villain. The psych profile just didn't provide the justification....

The Plant

One never lets an event like the Bundy stand-off go to waste. That is when a cultivated plant is useful. In campaigns, opponents often plant a sex offender or a child molester in the audience of their opponent, and then take pictures and attempt to suggest that only child molesters and sex offenders support the views of the opposition. It is a common tactic, as old as politics itself.

It is a tactic also used in psychological operations.

Lo and behold The Truth About Guns blog. Notice the profile picture of the Vegas shooter.

Lo and behold the profile picture of choice of the USMC group. This is a screen shot of Robert Rice's page from last summer. That was when this blog pointed out the connection to the computer technician for the group, Robert Rice, and the White House.  It is the same (or quite similar) as that sported by many in the USMC group. 

Now, is this part of a larger White House operation? Is the USMC group serving the interests of certain government entities and acting as an agent provocateur? 

From a year ago... 

This is what I pondered a year ago. Recent events seems to provide additional evidence that this is a possibility. Let the internet user be aware and act accordingly.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sexual Exploitation and Degradation of the Patriot Movement: TWAT

Many women who have been involved at Uncle Sam's Misguided Children may be familiar with the screen names Olivia M. North, Oliver North, Mayhem,  Gunny, Sams Gunny, as well as others. This woman's real name is Rachel Vance, and she lives in Texas. She has recently started a subgroup through the Misguided Children titled Topless Women Against Tyranny, or TWAT.

 Twat is a derogatory term for a woman, typically one that a reference her vagina. To call a woman a twat is to say she is nothing more than a vagina. It is synonymous with another word for women that rhymes with grunt.

No truly patriot community would ever sanction such an endeavor. Patriots protect women, not exploit them

Apparently, the idea is that women donate pictures of themselves topless. Then when someone buys a T-shirt, they are given admission to a separate room where they are able to view the topless pictures that have been donated to the group.

Thus, in buying a shirt, you are actually buying access to a porn site.

It is interesting that this site opens at the same time the Obama Administration uses sex parties to sell enrollments in Obama Care. Is the Uncle Sam's website an Obama Operation aimed at discrediting the conservative movement?

This isn't just a member of Uncle Sam's running amok. The last screenshot in this post edifies the TWAT movement. This is something that is being sanctioned, endorsed, and operated by the Misguided Children.

Now, it is one thing for a woman to solicit topless pictures. It is another thing to post them in a group. But to make these pictures part of a financial transaction moves the group into another line of business: Pornography.

There is still no evidence that veterans are being hired to make the T Shirts, outside of Pedro Ferran and Cracker with an ironing board.

Indeed, there seems to be no evidence that the shirts are made in the United States of America.

Here are some questions:
A) There are many sites on the internet upon which to do free podcasts. What sort of podcast does Rachel Vance plan to do that cannot be accommodated by one of the many free websites?

B) What is so crucial about her message that it requires women to submit topless photos and open themselves up for blackmail and exploitation?

C) Why, as a woman is she participating in the degradation of woman and giving people like Diane Feinstein the "proof" of the war on women by conservatives?

D) How do the people at the Misguided Children know that all of the "women" sending in pictures are of age? How do they know that some of these ladies are not underage? Can they prove all their submissions show only those old enough?

E) What protection does a woman have against future blackmail? After all, a simple right click and "save" preserves the image on a hard drive. Years from now, should any of these women be in line for reputable activities, they could be blackmailed by Vance and others. Given the past convictions of Pedro Rick Ferran, AKA Tank, the blackmail angle is more likely the case.

The only term for this sort of thing is degradation of women.  To suggest that women should show their patriotism by submitting topless pictures so that customers can oogle over them in a private room is just absurd. To do it so that Rachel Vance can  finance her own podcast is simply laughable. There are hundreds of places online where one can do free podcasts.

This is really a last ditch effort to generate T-shirt sales.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Is Misguided Children a Cult? The La Paz of the Internet

This is in response to the broadcast this morning by Pedro of the Misguided Children calling me a "faggot" and other sorts of names.  It is interesting to note that he attacked because it was claimed he was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. I never made that claim about Pedro, and I am unfamiliar with anyone else that did. Indeed, anyone with his history of drug use can hardly be regarded as a Muslim. The allegation was actually about Robert Rice, the IT guy for the Misguided Children. Furthermore, the allegation was that Mr. Rice had a Facebook relationship with Mr. Morisi, the former leader of Egypt. Nowhere was it asserted that Pedro was, merely that the top of the organization appeared to have that affiliation. 

Mr. Rice's defense has been a rather silly you tube that in no manner addresses the issues raised in this blog.

Indeed, in blog comments last night on the Patriot group post, Mr. Rice practically admitted to knowledge of the virus software on the Free Patriot blog.

However, I would be remiss if I did not point out a few facts: 

I have never worked for the Misguided Children.
I was a prospective customer.
I am the wife of a disabled veteran.
I am the wife of an American who was born 

in Havana who became a citizen as a teen.

I am not homosexually oriented, as Pedro suggests.

I have repeatedly asked for proof that veterans were being helped by the Misguided Children.  I have asked for proof that veterans were making the shirts. All I have seen is proof that Pedro has a bad temper, yells a lot of cuss words, and has a great time ingesting substances of questionable value. 

I merely asked him to back his claims. This has not been forthcoming.

Speaking of threatening..... my original post today was going to be on the similarities between Misguided Children and the Cult of Caesar Chavez.

The style with which Pedro runs his group reminds me of  Caeser Chavez.  Caesar Chavez was a friend of Sal Alinksy. Pedro, like Caesar, insists that those involved with the Misguided Children cut off their other associations in the world of Facebook.  Caesar Chavez would isolate his farm workers from the rest of the world in a compound known as La Paz.  There, Chavez  and his cronies would spend his time screaming at the farm workers as a form of "shock" therapy to make them more docile. Caesar Chavez would pay them as little as $10.00 a week and expect them to work 14-16 hours a day.

Based on the comments that are coming out in many of the blogs, it would seem that the Misguided Children operated the same way. Not merely one or two disgruntled employees, but a large number have related a similar story in blog commentaries throughout the web: employees worked long hours, received little if any pay, and were expected to forgo other Facebook relationships and remain isolated from the rest of the Facebook world. Screaming, yelling, cussing, and abusive commentary isn't a "show personae" but the way the organization operates.

This is far more like Chavez's La Paz than America.

It would seem that Pedro Ferran has adopted the same methodology as Caesar Chavez. Pedro's threats of violence against those who have left his group sound very much like Chavez's attacks on immigrants in the name of the United Farm Workers on Mexicans.  

There is no doubt that Chavez's commune was a cult. In the end, Chavez declared himself God. Is Misguided Children headed toward a cult? Will Pedro declare himself God?

The similarities between Caesar Chavez and Pedro Ferran are rather disconcerting. Shock therapy, isolating the "enemy" who is not in his group, isolating employees  and threats of violence are the hallmarks of Alinsky style tactics used by Chavez and later by Obama. Ferran appears to be using the same methodology with the Misguided Children. 

I am not saying passionate discussion should not be discouraged. It should be welcome. Censorship of debate and discussion are the hallmarks of Obama's regime. This appears to also be the hallmark of Pedro Ferran's group. Screaming obscenities at the top of their lungs at customers and employees is not the way to restore our nation. It only substitutes one dictator with another, and one abuser with another.

If you are a member of Misguided Children, p
rayerfully consider your isolation from other groups on the internet and in real life. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Keylogger Program Associated with Visits at Uncle Sam's Misguided Children

Some people who frequented the Uncle Sam's Misguided Children area have reported that they found key logging software on their computers. I mentioned this on the first blog. Before I posted the screenshot of it, I wanted to get permission from the person in question to be able to publish the screen shot. 

I have secured that permission. I wasn't going to post it, but after Pedro Rick Ferran came on the radio on 9/3/2013 following Paul Shannon claiming we were engaged in slander and that this blog had no proof of the key logger, I thought I would show it. 

As indicated in the first blog, the typical pathway for the Key logger is c:/windows/livekernel  

It looks like below (click on the image to enlarge it):

Some may wonder what is the big deal with the Watchdog program? What exactly does it do? Well, it can block website and make the USMC webpage "sticky." It can be used to block users from going to certain websites. It is used to monitor key strokes, and record each and every keystroke, chat, email, and mouse click. Thus, if you enter a credit card number into a website, or make flirtations comment to someone in chat .... that would be entered into Watchdog and transmitted to the person who placed it there. .This makes the person very vulnerable to having their account accessed or being blackmail.  It can take screenshots and send them at certain intervals such as daily, weekly, and hourly. 

It is a very useful piece of software to "spy" on your customers and it essentially turned USMC into a min-NSA. Parents sometimes buy it to spy on their children, and employers to spy on their employees. You can read more about the friendly form at this screenshot below. The malicious version associated with the Misguided Children's website can be removed easily if detected early.  One popular program is often effective in removing the spyware (and is free) is Malware Bytes.  

Removing the virus in this case is the easy part. What can't be undone is the damage as a result of your keystrokes being transmitted. As always, change your passwords, check your bank statements, and consult your bank if you see any suspicious bank activity.

The phone number for Leatherneck, the firm that handles the business transactions of the Misguided Children, is not accurately stated on the receipts. The number that appeared was for Ft. Lauderdale Directory Information.  See the first installment of his blog to find out how to contact the company. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Enthusiasm of Molly Dunn Powell for Pedro Ricardo Ferran

Avid readers of this blog will note the enthusiasm of Molly Dunn Powell in the comments section and her fascination with the year 1998. Her particular vernacular is quite interesting and perhaps reflects her unique style of social media marketing. Many may recall her under the screen name of "Shiloh Rebel." One of her more eloquent comments is below.

For those who are not aware, Molly Dunn Powell she is currently the "Marketing Strategists" for the Misguided Children group. This is hardly surprising given her long term association with Mr. Ferran.
Here is the screen shot from her Link Ed and that of Pedro Ricardo Ferran.


As you may recall from my earlier entry, Mr. Ferran has several businesses, including YEMX.  But it would seem they have ran in the same industries in the same circles, so these two are at best acquaintances. Prior to the Misguided Children stint, Powell had a brief adventure as a weight loss counselor. She seemed to have entered this industry just after Rick Ferran left Health Care Recruiting. Prior to that, Ferran was a business manager while Powell owned a construction company. Sarasota is not that big of a city, and it is quite likely they have known each other in at least a business capacity since the late 1990s.

The more curious aspect is the enthusiasm of Powell's responses to this blog. Powell's construction company, started in December of 1998, seems to have shut down in 2010, per the records of the state of Florida.  That would have freed up a bit of cash put up for bonding. Is it a stretch to speculate that Powell might have contributed financially to  the  the Misguided branding?

Perhaps that is why the year 1998 is so important to Molly Powell.

By the way, this isn't the only place where Powell has expressed her enthusiasm. Powell had only recently taken on the formal duties of the Misguided children.  Hours after a large portion of the staff logged out of the Misguided Children for the last time, Powell expressed her general angst on her Facebook page. One of the members of the upper management of Wells Fargo, Mr. Kilinski, seemed very sympathetic to her cause and offered to guide her toward effective resources. This offers an insight to the new expanded services by Wells Fargo. Click on the image to read the interaction.

Would you want to find people to "wack" for a job you just had a month? Or is this emotional reaction more in line with someone's investment being in trouble?

Just a thought....

How Is This Slander?

This morning, Mr. Ferran accused this blog of a few things. First he asserted that this blog attacked his entrepreneurial  talent. However, this is not true. The original blog pondered that he might have expanded too fast. Second,  Mr. Ferran asserted that this blog is by a former admin. It isn't.

I tried playing nice.

Where are the pictures of Veterans making t-shirts? In fact, where are the t-shirts? What happened to the money?

Well, let's look at Mr. Ferran's arrest record since starting Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. 

Mr. Ferran was born in 1975. He is currently 37 years old, and will be 38 on December 21st of this year. I don't want to belabor the issue, but it would seem that Mr. Ferran has had a great time since starting Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. Below is his rap sheet. Uncle Sam's has been going on for roughly a year.

You decide what has been going on with the money sent to Uncle Sam's for T-Shirts. 

PS: Please note the numerous posts by Mollie Powell below. She claimed to be a political adviser to USMC. Uncle Sam's has also provided her an I-phone which has the Misguided Children's tracking software that is on all the I-phones that admins are given. Notice her desperate posts below.


       38 That is how old he will turn this year in December. Notice the age at arrest is 37 years old. This is recent, since Misguided Children started. This is where the money is going.. up his nose and in his veins. The "veterans assistance" is to party hardy.

I wish it were not so. 


Rice and Shannon: Misguided Children's Manipulation of Conservatives to Liberal Perspectives

Well another morning of silly antics on the part of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children. Of course, I have a response to Mr. Rice. That is in the video below. The screen shots are all there. The IT for the group clearly has connections to the White House in Washington, DC, not Texas. The audio is included to demonstrate that they advertise “No Hackers Allowed.”


Many may wonder so what? Well if you were part of the 17 listeners on Paul Shannon’s show on Sept. 3, 2013, you might have understood the impact. It was a marvelous show… if you are a Democrat. 

The show opened with the usual bit of smack talk. It then proceeded into the wonders of Daniel Patrick Moynihan who was described as “awesome.” In addition, there were high praises for Zell Miller. There were laments on where had all the Democrats gone, and how America needed more Democrats. There were misguided sonnet-like praises for Family Leave Policy and an expansion of the welfare state. He then moved on to discussion the wondering why labor unions were considered labor and how we needed to pass immigration to make America great again. Yes, he advanced Rubio’s immigration policy without mentioning Rubio’s name.


Of course, the best part of it all was listening to Paul Shannon praise Bill Gates and Steve Jobs on education reform. As all of us know, that is advocacy of the Common Core Curriculum. What was particularly amusing was to listen to Mr. Shannon advocate listening to Steven Jobs’s current ideas on education. 

Yup. I thought that was amusing. Has anyone told Mr. Shannon that Steven Jobs passed away? Further, has anyone informed Mr. Shannon that Jobs and Gates had opposing views?

Has anyone told Mr. Shannon that the Common Core being advanced by Bill Gates is Vygotskyism? I wonder if Pedro Ferran realizes that the Vygotskyism was used by Castro in his re-education camps (if you could call them that) as well as by Stalin and Mao. Stange bedfellows you keep there, Mr. Ferran. Maybe you fool some of the Cubans, but not all of them. Oh, and Mr. Ferran, even Sen. Rubio is against the Common Core. You appear to be the only Cuban voice for it. Wake up people. These folks are blind guides.